There are a number of reasons why a patient requests dental sedation. Younger patients might have difficulty sitting still or have anxiety and fear about visiting the dentist. Sedation is also necessary when a patient is undergoing dental surgery, like the extraction of wisdom teeth or receiving a dental implant. Sedation is also useful where patients are undergoing multiple procedures in a single appointment. At Aura Dental Specialists, we are certified to offer several forms of dental sedation.

Nitrous Oxide Sedation

When most people think about dental sedation, nitrous oxide gas, or ‘laughing gas’ comes to mind. It is a safe, reliable treatment for patients who need to relax and remain conscious during the procedure.

Conscious Sedation

A liquid, oral medication that is safe and administered by a dental professional, conscious sedation is useful in cases where patients need to remain responsive in a suggestive state. Patients remain in a relaxed state and will not remember much.

General Anaesthesia

For more uncomfortable or complex procedures and for very young patients undergoing restorative work, an anesthesiologist is brought in to provide anaesthesia by way of IV Sedation. The patient is put to sleep for the duration of the procedure and wakes up with no memory of the dental work.

Forms & Further Reading

Dental Sedation is not without rare complications. In certain cases patients may have an adverse reaction to medication based on prior medical conditions or conflicting medication. When you consent to receive sedation, our dental team will review your medical history and confirm your candidacy. Parents need to provide consent on behalf of their children.

These forms will help you to be prepared when you visit the dentist for sedation treatment. Deposits are often required to reserve treatment with a specialized dentist, however these deposits are refundable with certain conditions.