Children require specialized dental care and have different dental needs than adults. Cavities grow more quickly in baby teeth and as a result, the most common surgery at BC Children’s Hospital is to repair cavities. Dental care for children begins with preventative care at home and dental education to form good habits beginning with the very first tooth.


A child’s relationship with their dentist should begin as early as their first birthday, with their first visit serving as a consultation to meet the dentist for the first time and provide answers to questions about home dental care. A consultation helps parents understand their responsibilities and offers assistance in making a child comfortable with a dental routine. We also provide assistance to new mothers in monitoring their own dental needs while pregnant or breast-feeding.

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The best way to insure healthy teeth in children and make them feel comfortable at the dentist later on in life is with a regular hygiene appointment every 6 months. Professional cleanings are more thorough and reach every part of the mouth. Baby teeth are more fragile than adult teeth and children benefit from routine, hygiene appointments help to prevent cavities and make visiting the dentist less expensive in the long run.

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Fillings remain the most common procedure for children. When children do not brush and floss their teeth daily or consume too much sugar, they cause decay that leads to cavities. Baby teeth are especially susceptible to decay, and those cavities can cause damage to permanent teeth later on.  At Aura Dental Specialists we provide tooth-coloured composite fillings without mercury.

If your child has a sore tooth, they might have a cavity. Treating tooth decay early on is less uncomfortable and easier. Waiting too long may lead to more fillings or even a root canal, not to mention higher costs. Book today to treat tooth decay.


Dental crowns are a cosmetic dental solution when treating a badly damaged tooth. A ceramic crown fits like a hat over top of a badly damaged tooth. If a child needs a crown, it is likely due to tooth decay being left untreated or due to an injury. Crown treatments are easier than ever with new technology. Crowns on baby teeth are a temporary solution while crowns on adult teeth will last years before needing to be replaced.

Avoid dental crowns by taking care of your teeth at home and treating decay early on. If you do have badly decaying teeth, contact us immediately for treatment.

Orthodontics For Children & Teens

Aura Dental Specialists is the perfect dental home for children or teens in need of orthodontic treatments. Correcting a bite, straightening teeth or removing unwanted spacing has never been easier. Often times, orthodontics for children are not cosmetic, but required to correct a serious issue. From traditional wire braces that are nearly invisible to Invisalign for teens, we offer treatments that will straighten your child’s smile without making them feel self conscious.

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Sedation For Children & Teens

Sedation options vary based on your child’s needs. Aura Dental Specialists offers oral sedation, IV sedation and nitrous oxide sedation for patients unable to sit still, for patients undergoing dental surgery or who experiencing anxiety or fear. Sedation options are also recommended for surgeries like extractions.

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